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The Energy Management Training Course was well taught and loaded with both technical information and practical examples. The biggest challenge now is to determine what project I should work on first. It was an open forum from the beginning and everyone shared examples and experiences. The meals were excellent!The instructor related course material to good practical examples. One can see that the instructor believes in this subject and the teaching of it to others. The instructor presented material at an appropriate level, often times bringing back the discussion from highly technical to managerial. The instructor shared quick rules of thumb for communication and decision making. The instructor communicated the material well.
- Todd Hammond, Grande Cheese

The Energy Management training offered by Masters’ Academy was comprehensive and a personal and professional investment that will reap dividends for years to come. The instructor had years of experience in the field which enabled him to relate the theory being taught to actual business applications. The students had diverse backgrounds related to energy management and they shared their real world experiences as well. The course focused on what was important to know. Even though I have been involved in energy saving projects for several years, attending this course has resulted in fresh ideas which benefit our company's bottom line.
- Ed Niemiec, Sigma Aldrich, SIAL

I feel more confident now about leading our energy efforts. I strongly recommend this course to other students. It is very useful in day-to-day activities. The assignments reinforced the topics and discussion. The homework and use of time was well thought out.Jerry Eaton is passionate about energy management. Jerry related course material perfectly with examples. Jerry is enthusiastic about the course material. He presented material at the perfect pace. Jerry encouraged questions with good class participation and discussion. I would recommend this instructor to other students. Jerry knows his stuff!
- Steve Stretchberry, 3M

I enjoyed the entire class. Jerry displayed a thorough knowledge of the subject matter.
- Betty Chambers, SoftSwitching Technologies

The instructor related to all aspect of business, not just manufacturing. The lunch breaks helped establish a relationship with the instructor and other students. The course followed the CEM exam, so we can easier relate the material to the test.
- Andy Carmichael, Aramark Corporation

Comprehensive course made fun by a very knowledgeable instructor.
- John Berget, CESA 10, Focus on Energy

Masters’ Academy course coordination made my learning easier. I would highly recommend this course to other students. The course helped develop the skills and techniques needed in the field.
- William Martin, Rockwell Automation

The instructor was one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the energy management field I have ever had the opportunity to learn from. The instructor relies on his vast knowledge and experience to be able to discern what is and in not important for the class to focus on. He communicates this successfully.
- Paul Van de Sand, Franklin Energy Services, Energy Incentives from We Energies

I highly recommend this course to every energy management student. The Energy Management Training course flushes out all the aspects of energy management that may be encountered. The instructor brings real world experience and pragmatism to energy management.
- Eric Wall, Franklin Energy Services, Focus on Energy

"I highly recommend attending the 5 day course at least once every 5 years. No matter how much experience one has in the energy field, this refresher is a must"
- Anon

I enjoyed the week long class immensely. It was a great review for anyone having anything to do with energy. The instruction was lively, and gave us practical applications for the material studied. The facilities were great and allowed us to focus on the subjects studied. I appreciate the flexibility with which the class was conducted.
- Scott A. Jones, CESA 10, Focus on Energy

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