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Recent Articles
See How Appleton, WI Saves $150,000 a Year on Wastewater Treatment Costs
Appleton, WI waste water treatment facility installs new biogas boiler and significantly reduces process heating costs.
Case Study - High Efficiency Industrial Compressed Air Systems
Companies are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs and stay competitive in a global market. The huge opportunity of compressed air is often overlooked. Learn how one company saves over $900,000 per year on their compressed air costs.
FREE Energy Management Career Coaching

We work with a network of professional employment agencies specializing in the placement of energy management and efficiency staff and leaders. Get involved today and take advantage of this opportunity to expand your career and improve your resume.
Case Study - Saving $1,500,000 on Energy Costs with New State-of-the-Art Solar System
This new installation in Milwaukee, WI is reducing the facility’s carbon footprint by nearly 16 million pounds of CO2 emissions and saving the organization $1,500,000!
Roadblocks to Success - Why Energy Management Projects Fail!

Energy is a resource that needs to be managed! Is your company struggling with these five common roadblocks to energy management success?
Case Study - Saving $1,000,000 Annually on Waste Water Treatment

The key to this cost reduction initiative was the installation of a series of Calgon Carbon UV water treatment reactors. Read more to learn how the city of Appleton, WI is saving $1,000,000 per year on waste water treatment costs!
DOE Better Buildings Challenge #1.1
How Hilton Helped Whole Foods
Find Energy Reduction Opportunities!
In this first episode of the DOE Better Buildings Challenge see how Hilton helped Whole Foods find massive energy reduction opportunities!
DOE Better Buildings Challenge #1.2
How Whole Foods Helped Hilton
Find Energy Reduction Opportunities!
This second episode of the DOE Better Buildings Challenge shows how Whole Foods helped Hilton find new energy reduction opportunities!
DOE Better Buildings Challenge #1.3
What Whole Foods and Hilton Found:
Energy Efficiency Results
Episode three in the DOE Better Buildings Challenge shows the energy efficiency results of Hilton's investigation of Whole Foods' facility and Whole Foods' inspection of Hilton's Hotels.
DOE Better Buildings Challenge #2.1
How the U.S. Naval Academy Helped
the U.S. Air Force Academy
Find Energy Reduction Opportunities!
See how the Naval Academy helped the Air Force Academy find energy reduction opportunities!
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