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You're Wasting Money

You’re wasting money that would be better spent giving raises or buying yourself a new home.

Most business in this country are needlessly hemorrhaging cash to their energy suppliers. There are so many ways to reduce your energy costs that it is downright shameful that we, as a society, are as inefficient as we are. This goes beyond electricity. Think about every part of your company that uses energy: Does it light up? Does it have a motor? Is it hot? Is it cold? Does it blow air? I can go on and on, but you get the point. Energy consumption is everywhere and it is a requirement of business. What we miss is that we are swimming against the electrical current, rather than swimming with it.

Every point of energy consumption, electrical or otherwise, is a place that can be improved, and often at little or no cost to you. In fact, there are companies out there that are so confident that you WILL save money that they make their living by installing energy efficient solutions for free. All they ask is that you give them part of the amount you save every month until they get their target benefit, which is typically only a few years. Your expenses drop, while at the same time you have new lighting or whatever other solution they recommended. But the real benefit is that your productivity soars because your people are more comfortable.

You can’t beat that! Sometimes in life there are truly win-win situations! And this is one of them.

To get in the loop, visit our Energy Training Site at

Take a couple of our Online Energy Management Courses that fit your needs and then contact us to help you get in contact with people who can help you stop wasting money today.

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